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Winner of Mabinogi's Merchant of Venice contest highlighted


If you are familiar with the Mabinogi-hosted contest from November called The Merchant of Venice, California, then you know that the popular free-to-play developer and publisher Nexon asked players to participate in order to win a free trip to the company's California studios to play, relax and discuss the new content. The event celebrated the release of the Merchant of Venice update. The addition gave players the ability to literally transport goods across the lands of Mabinogi. Players gain levels, earn in-game cash that can be used to buy special items and weapons, and gain access to better items to be traded. All expansions in the popular free-to-play title are free.

Sayre, a player from the Mari server, was invited to meet the developers, tour the office and even give some advice about how to make the game better. He received a free Alienware computer, 500 USD in cash and three nights in a hotel right on Venice Beach! In order to qualify for the contest drawing, players were required to have reached merchant level 9 in each of the game's towns.

Click past the cut to watch an exclusive preview of the tour!

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