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Blue Posts: Zarhym takes over Night Court, winning the same item twice in LFR clarification


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Holy Elune, Batman! Zarhym now took over Judge Night Court! What's next in the life of the floating skull?

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Blue posts

LFR Winning multiples of items clarification
Our patch note is wrong and we apologize for the confusion. We'll get it updated


What i've seen happen was that the winner of the first roll will lose his role bonus for the second roll. if no one has a role bonus on the second role, then the winner of the first item does have a chance to win the second item.

This is correct.

The way it currently works is you'll lose the Need+ roll bonus if you win an item that drops twice from the same boss, but you won't be made completely ineligible to win it twice. If no one else has the Need+ bonus or rolls Need on the item, you'd still win it.

Aftermath: Crown of the Heavens Expansion for WoW TCG
The monsters continue their path of destruction in the latest expansion to the World of Warcraft Trading Card Game. Aftermath: Crown of the Heavens follows up on Throne of the Tides, introducing a completely new set of Monster hero races and classes. Players can now control demons, dryads, and ogres, each with exciting powers that will drive completely new deck-building strategies.

In addition to powerful Horde and Alliance allies such as Archdruid Malfurion Stormrage, Tyrande, High Priestess of Elune, and Sylvanas, Queen of the Forsaken, Aftermath: Crown of the Heavens will also introduce more murloc monster cards including an epic murloc.

Each Crown of the Heavens pack has a chance to give you all-new Loot™ including the Corrupted Hippogryph mount, Ogre Mage Costume item, and Gregarious Grell pet.

This set also includes the new tournament-friendly pack and box configuration: 36-pack display supports eight-person draft tournament play out of one box, and the 16-card pack size and configuration improves the limited (sealed and draft) play experience.

You can purchase Crown of the Heavens cards in the Blizzard Online Store:
Visit for more information on Aftermath: Crown of the Heavens and other World of Warcraft Trading Card Game releases.

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