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Court says reworked Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1N can be sold in Germany


Apple's been going back and forth in German courts over the Samsung Galaxy Tab, suggesting it "borrows" a few too many features from the iPad, but the latest ruling has fallen in Samsung's favor. A German court has now decided that the Galaxy Tab has "clear differences" from the iPad, and thus can be sold in that country.

Note, also, that this is the Galaxy Tab 10.1N, not the original version, so Samsung has already made some changes to the design. And those changes apparently worked, because the court has ruled that sales are on. That's not great for Apple, though Cupertino may likely follow up with appropriate appeals going forward.

Samsung also has its own lawsuit going up against Apple in Germany, claiming infringement on a few of its own patents. The next ruling in that case is apparently due on March 2nd.

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