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Slidevana provides pro design templates for Keynote


Slidevana is a curious thing. This US$69 bundle offers a set of professionally designed slides. These templates map out the kinds of data most speakers want to communicate, providing specific elements you can customize. Called "Dark," this first release includes a clean presentation style that would feel at home at any boardroom or conference.

From tables to bullet lists to key point images, Slidevana offers a unified design that easily translates into high quality presentations. It's like a Keynote version of those graphic design and color harmony cookbooks you can purchase at art school bookstores. But instead of general graphic layout, Slidevana focuses on the most common presentation challenges.

Slides are self documenting. They tell you what they do and how you use them in the presentation. It's then up to you to add your content and match it to the various tasks in your talk. There are slides for describing the talk's takeaway, slides for providing the current section context within a whole talk overview, slides for presenting related points in a single overview, and slides for factoring before and after comparisons.

From tables to pyramids to Venn diagrams to phased cycles, Slidevana has many of the most common discussion flows covered. There's a real wealth of coherent elements, all of which fit together by design.

Slidevana includes over 130 slides in its template. A fair number of those introduce sections, and there's a bit of redundancy such as 4 charts worth of duplicate shapes, all presented with distinct key colors. Even so, there's enough useful content here to satisfy anyone looking to create a slick presentation.

Slidevana's templates work on both the Mac and iOS versions of Keynote, although I think they are more easily used on the Mac side of things. The purchase price includes both, so you do not have to choose when buying. A PowerPoint version is promised for the near future.

At $69, Slidevana is clearly targeted towards business purchasers. What you get for that price is a smart collection of slide design that goes way beyond any of Keynote's built-in templates.

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