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Facebook nabs former Apple exec Rebecca Van Dyck as head of global marketing


Facebook's Initial Public Offering (IPO) filing brought surprising information: the company has hired former Apple marketing executive Rebecca Van Dyck.

Van Dyck served in a similar role at Levi's after leaving Apple. She started working at Apple in January of 2007, and was involved in the marketing of the iPod, iPhone, and iPad.

AdAge talked with Van Dyck last year about what she learned at Apple, noting that with the iPhone, "It was first and foremost about the user experience. And that's how I approach marketing, that theme of focusing on the user experience and what's important to the customer."

No one is quite sure what Van Dyck will be doing at Facebook. The company, which has well over 800 million users (as of September 22, 2011), doesn't seem to need that much help to continue growing. Perhaps Van Dyck will help promote new features or woo advertisers. Whatever her new role will be, it's exciting to see former Apple employees spread the "Apple way" around the globe.

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