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Foxconn server hacked, CEO's password revealed


Hacker group SwaggSec took a swipe at Foxconn when it broke into the company's servers. The group stole login information and documents, both of which were promptly leaked to the internet. SwaggSec claimed the information would let individuals place fake orders using accounts from Dell, Apple, IBM and Microsoft. As soon as the hack was publicized, Foxconn shut down its servers and pulled down its website.

Though SwaggSec does mention Foxconn's poor working conditions in a letter it posted on pastebin, this was not the reason for the attack against the manufacturer. The group says it hacked the company for the "hilarity that ensues when compromising and destroying an infrastructure." The news of this hack hit the internet at the same time protesters, upset with inhumane factory working conditions, were gathering outside Apple stores in London, New York, San Francisco and other stores worldwide.

[Via Electronista]

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