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Motorola Droid 4 available on Verizon today for $200


It can be tough to keep track of which Droid is launching when these days, but those waiting patiently for the Motorola Droid 4 will be glad to know that the QWERTY slider is available on Verizon today for $200 on-contract. That of course buys you a pass onto Verizon's LTE network, along with a 4-inch qHD display, a dual-core 1.2GHz processor, a 8-megapixel camera (paired with a lower-res front-facing cam), 16GB of storage and Android 2.3.5 for an OS. An Ice Cream Sandwich update is promised, but there's unfortunately no date for its release just yet. We'll have a full review of the phone shortly, but in the meantime you can check out our hands-on with the device from last month.

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