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Namco spins off internal dev studios into 'Namco Bandai Studio'


Much like Prince becoming the "Love Symbol" back in better times (the mid-'90s), Namco Bandai Holdings announced plans to spin off its existing internal development teams into a separate company (that is also still totally part of Namco, by the way). The new company will be named "Namco Bandai Studio" and will comprise the the approximately 1,000 employees who are already part of Namco.

The organizational change was spurred by Namco's interest in speedier dev times and tighter cohesion between disparate dev teams. The changeover won't go into effect until April 2, so you've still got at least a month to snag some classic Namco Bandai Holdings collectibles* while you still can!

(*Note: Those don't actually exist. Unless you're a crazy person, of course.)

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