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Rogers One Number service offers free computer-based calls and texting, unified inbox


Got a Rogers wireless account? Then you can now take advantage of a new service that, for a change, won't cost you anything extra. While it's not quite a full-on Google Voice alternative, the company's new Rogers One Number service will let you make phones calls, video calls, and send and receive text messages for free from your computer (Windows or Mac), as well as let you maintain a unified inbox and contact list across all of your devices (assuming you use Gmail or Yahoo Mail). You're also able to switch a call from your cellphone to your computer without hanging up, and then turn that voice call into a video call if you choose, but your options are otherwise a bit limited on the mobile end; you can manage your contacts and such, but not use one number for multiple devices, or take advantage of free calling or texting. Rogers' demo video can be found after the break, and you can get a more in-depth look courtesy of MobileSyrup's hands-on at the link below.

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