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Two new iPhone 4S ads highlight everyday Siri usage


Apple has released two new iPhone 4S ads on its YouTube channel, "Rock God" and "Road Trip." If they haven't already started airing, they should be popping up as TV commercials soon.

"Rock God" follows the adventures of a teenager who uses Siri to find a guitar, learn how to play chords (very cool -- I didn't know Siri could do that), and invite girls over to watch him play. At the end, he sheepishly asks Siri to call him "Rock God" -- ever obliging, Siri agrees to do so.

The second ad shows a couple taking a cross country trip from the US East Coast to the West Coast. Along the way, they use Siri to get directions, find restaurants, and look up info on points of interest. I found this ad a lot more effective because it reminded me of all the interstate trips my wife and I would take in the States, and thinking back to those trips I have to admit that Siri would have come in very handy.

Apple's ad campaign for Siri and the iPhone 4S is exactly the kind of advertising I always wished the company would switch to during the years its "Get a Mac" campaign dominated the company's message. Instead of spending time poking fun at the competition the way Apple's mid-2000s Mac ads did (and Samsung's current ads do), these Siri ads simply show normal people using Apple's products in normal situations and how the products can enhance people's lives.

Both videos are embedded below.

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