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Vita's Frobisher Says and T@g detailed, free in Europe


PlayStation Blog Europe reintroduces us to two Vita games/apps that you might have forgotten about: Frobisher Says and t@g. Frobisher Says is an absurd microgame collection in which up to 8 players pass a Vita around and take on weird tasks assigned by the title character. Examples include "poke an otter with a stick", "deliver my pudding on a toy train", and "smile at some ladies (but not at the badgers!)" As all minigame collections do, this uses all of the Vita's control features.

T@g is an AR app that lets you leave graffiti in real-world locations, which other Vita users can view through the app. Doing so earns you -- we can't believe we're about to type this -- currency called "t@ggits."

Frobisher will be a free download for European pre-orderers this month, and be available for everyone else (in Europe) in May. T@g will be on PSN in Europe in May and can only be used with the 3G Vita (because of its GPS use).

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