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Five apps to keep your young children entertained and educated


Earlier this week, I wrote a post about letting your children use an iPad. I mentioned locking it down, filling it with apps and letting them use the tablet in small increments. In a minor oversight, I didn't mention any of the apps that I put on my iPad.

To make up for that mistake, I've decided to do a series of posts on educational apps for kids. Below you will find five apps that are both entertaining and educational for three to five-year olds. In the next few weeks, I'll do another post for older kids and one for toddlers, too. If you have a favorite, feel free to share it in the comments.

AniMatch ($0.99)

Made by Lima Sky of Doodle Jump fame, AniMatch is a fun, matching game for youngsters with cute graphics and whimsical sounds. The game has a grid of twenty tiles and hidden behind each one is a cartoon animal. Each animal makes a sound when you touch it. As expected, the cow will moo, the lion will roar and so on. It's a cute game that combines memory training with sight and sound recognition.

See.Touch.Learn (Free)

See.Touch.Learn is a multimedia-rich flash card game for little kids. The app is available for free and includes several free flash card libraries. You can even more flash card libraries or create your own via in-app purchases. There's also a premium version for $24 that gives you access to 1,700 images and 1,300 exercises. The game is fun for kids and powerful for parents.

Monster Coloring Book ($2.99)

Monster Coloring Book is high on the fun value as it combines monsters and coloring- two topics kids love. The app lets you pick different brushes, patterns, and stickers to color your monsters. WHen you are done, you can save it to your iOS device or send it to an AirPrint printer. The Monster Coloring Book is available for both the iPad and iPhone, but it works best on the larger screen of the tablet.

Lakeshore Learning Phonics and Letter apps (Free to $1.99)

Lakeshore Learning has a series of inexpensive apps to your children about the letters in the alphabets and their sounds. The company makes a basic alphabet game which introduces a new letter each day. There's also a tic-tac-toe phonics game and an interactive game that teaches beginning sounds.

Jr. Bingo ($0.99)

Jr. Bingo is a Bingo-style game that teaches little ones about colors, shapes, numbers, letters and letter sounds. Its is one of three games by ABCya that uses Bingo Bugs. These colorful bugs are given as a reward when a child completes a game of Bingo without a mistake. The more games the child completes, the more Bingo Bugs they earn. When the children are done with the game, they can then play with the Bingo Bugs which hop around the screen and can be flicked all over the place.

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