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Bell & Howell MICRO Computer Apple II Plus found on Ebay


Here is an auction, spotted by Steve Troughton-Smith, that you don't see very often. Seller christique1 is auctioning off an Apple II Plus that was built specifically for Bell & Howell and sold to educational markets. Internally, the unit resembles a standard, beige Apple II Plus, but it's clad in a black casing made specifically for that model. The auction includes only the computer. There is no power supply so the seller can't confirm the unit works.

Even if it isn't operational, it's still a collector's dream. It's a rare model, less than 10,000 were supposedly made, and it's described as being in good condition with only a few dings and scratches. The keyboard is covered and in remarkable condition.

Right now, the auction has one day left and has reached US$100. If you are into collectibles, here's you chance to own a rare piece of Apple history.

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