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Square Enix files for European trademarks 'Drakerider' and 'Blood of Chaos'


The problem with trademark filings, folks, is that unless they're tied to an already existing intellectual property, it's a bit difficult to suss out whether they're for a new game or for a new downloadable content pack or ... what, exactly. Such is the case with two newly discovered Square Enix trademark filings, one for "Drakerider" and one for "Blood of Chaos" -- neither of which flickers our memory to life.

Siliconera discovered said filings, both of which were completed in Europe, and also discovered corresponding URL registrations tied to each. And while they conservatively suppose that these trademarks could be tied to the Drakengard and Blood of Bahumut series', we're just gonna put it all out there: "Drakerider" is clearly a crosspromotion between Sony and Square to create the Uncharted kart racing game we all expected from Naughty Dog, wherein players pilot bipedal "Drakeracers" against chocobos in a race against the end of the world. No idea about that other one, sadly.

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