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Square Enix reassessing Final Fantasy XIV server merges


Last week, Square-Enix announced that it would be performing a series of server merges on Final Fantasy XIV come this March, during which time the server roster was to be pruned from 18 servers to 10. Maybe you noticed our use of the past tense in the previous sentence. That's because a post on the official FFXIV website declares that Squenix is rethinking the merges in the wake of fan feedback on the matter. The studio isn't prepared to provide any further details but does state that "in order to ensure that the most desirable and effective outcome is achieved, [the company] will be reassessing the method of the merger process." Details will be made public on Lodestone as soon as they come to light, so if you're one of the many who would be affected by the merges, keep an eye on the Lodestone front page.

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