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Zynga sued for patent infringement

Jordan Mallory

Zynga is being sued again, but not for any of the reasons you're probably thinking of. Personalized Media Communications, an intellectual properties company that makes its living by licensing its plethora of patents to various technology companies, has filed suit against the social mogul, alleging that Zynga's headlining titles infringe upon four of its patents.

The patents in question cover a wide range of exceedingly vague situations, from "controlled access of media content" to "personalized content based on individual attributes" and "the use of control and information signals embedded in electronic media content to generate output for display that is personalized and relevant to a user."

If you're thinking "Well gosh, those sound like they could potentially apply to literally everything on the whole Internet," that's the whole point. After countless billable hours and several appeals, this will either end with Zynga signing a licensing agreement with PMC and paying a potentially substantial amount of back license fees determined by the court, or PMC's patents will be deemed as either inapplicable or too vague, at which point everyone goes home. Either way, some lawyers are getting paid.

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