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A very handy 1Password tip


I can't vouch for everyone out there, but at least amongst the blogging tribe here at TUAW, 1Password (from Agile Bits) is an indispensable piece of utility software. Now former TUAW blogger and current Evernote expert Brett Kelly has documented a cool 1Password tip that I'd like to pass along. Brett notes that he didn't come up with the idea for this tip; he heard it on an episode of the Back to Work podcast and just wrote it up for easier consumption.

So, what's this handy tip? Well, it's a way of creating a browser bookmark that will not only open a commonly used website, but also "automatically fire up 1Password and fill in the login for you." That makes it possible to make one little click on your bookmark bar and get logged into a website in seconds.

Whenever I can, I like to donate whole blood to a local blood center, so I decided to make logging onto their website for scheduling a donation a one-click proposition. To do this, I launched 1Password on my Mac and looked at the list of all of my logins that are stored in the app. Next, I positioned the 1Password window next to the browser. I had already captured the login information in 1Password previously, which included my email address, birthday, and a password.

I dragged the login "button" in 1Password up to my browser's bookmark bar as shown below, and dropped it on the bookmark bar. Now, with a click of the bookmark the page for the blood center is loaded and I'm automatically logged in, ready to set up my next appointment. It's a lot like magic!

To quote Brett, "I was a huge fan of 1Password before I learned about this little trick. Now I wish I could physically hug it." Me too, Brett.

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