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Allods Online releases Game of Gods patch notes [Updated]

Eliot Lefebvre

If you're looking forward to the latest Allods Online expansion, Game of Gods, you've only got one more day to wait. But if you can't even wait that long without some kind of updates, then you're in luck. The patch notes for version 3.0 have been posted, giving players a full rundown of all the changes and additions coming to the game in light of this sweeping expansion. And it's not just the marquee features being brought in -- there are plenty of smaller changes, quality of life improvements, and other little gems.

The marquee items, of course, are all still there. The game's level cap will be raised to 51, and the new Bard class will be added to the game for players to enjoy. New areas and new ship mechanics are also being added to keep players engaged. But there are other new features, such as the addition of "overflow" slots to player bags, stat rearrangement for caster classes, and new performance options for older computers. It promises to be a huge patch, so before you go playing tomorrow, peruse the patch notes today.

[Update: Added the new expansion trailer after the cut.]

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