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Bigpoint goes live with Pirate Storm

Pirate Storm: Death or Glory, a free (you guessed it!) pirate-themed game from Bigpoint, is now live! Hop into the game to act out all your piratical dreams: fighting sea beasties, swash-buckling with the most fearsome of foes, and pursuing that whimsical mistress, fortune.

Pirate Storm has been launched worldwide and is available in more than 24 languages. It's designed to be beginner-friendly while retaining exciting and challenging missions. Bigpoint's team isn't a stranger to making pirate games -- Seafight and Kultan are other titles it's put out in the same genre -- but the company appears to be taking special pride in this new title. The game world boasts12 different maps spread across three regions, customizable ships and armors, and all the interactive fun of buddy lists, groups, and a guild system. So what's your delay? Those sea serpents are waiting.

[Source: Bigpoint press release]

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