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    Daily iPhone App: Cherish Kids saves your children's memories for a lifetime


    Did you ever look at one your own baby photos and wonder how old you were when that photo was taken? Or perhaps, it's a grade school picture and you can't remember when you parents took you to Plimouth Plantation. If you're a parent there's no excuse for your kids to have these same questions when they are grown up. You have apps like Cherish which will let you take and tag a picture of your tot.

    Picture taking is quite easy. You launch the app, click on the camera icon and you're ready to go. The app lets you toggle between the front and rear camera as well as control the flash. You can also use the two noise makers (a quack and a rattle) to get your youngster's attention. If you already have some memory-worthy images, then you can import a photo from your photo library. You have to carefully choose the correct date for each photo you import. I found if I selected today's date for a photo I took last week, the app would not import it. All I would get was a blank white image.

    Cherish Kids does more than just snap photos. It's a app that'll record the date, time and location of a picture. It'll also automatically calculate your child's age when the photo was taken. You can play around with the pictures and add effects that'll change things up, too. Right now, the filters only change the hue of the image to kiwi, mango, grape and so on. It would be nice if the app added more creative tools to let you add borders or even a collage, but those features are just not there yet.

    If tagging the photo with child's name isn't enough, you can also add a note so you won't forget those precious moments. When you're done with the photo, you can save it to the iPhone's photo album, send it via email or share it via Facebook.

    Cherish Kids does a nice job organizing your photos. It's so easy to select a child and see all the pictures you took of them over time. I would like to see more creative tools, which would entice me to use the app before other photo apps to take pictures of my kids. Right now, I would be inclined to take a shot with Camera +, edit it in Photogene2 and then import it into Cherish Kids.

    Anyone with more than one child is probably rolling their eyes at the amount of work that's involved in that process. Given time, I think Cherish Kids will improve. I've talked to the folks behind he app and their committed to making it better with each new update. It's available for 99-cents in the iOS App Store and definitely worth a look if you have kids.

    Update: The developer reached out to me to let me know he corrected the white image error I mentioned above. You no longer have to be careful about choosing a date for your image.

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