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Dukane launches mobile charging carts for piles of iPads


Companies and schools that have bought into the whole iPad thing need a place to store and charge their tablets without running miles of extension cords and power strips. Dukane clearly sees an untapped market here, and has launched the MCCD1 and MCC1. Both are caster-mounted, fire and drill resistent cabinets designed to dock and lock piles of iPads. The MCCD1 has space for up to 32 of the iOS tablets and can both charge and sync them while keeping them organized and safe. The MCC1 holds just 30 and can't sync the slates, but it will keep them juiced and locked down between uses. The MCCD1 is available starting at $2,250 while the MCC1 is a slightly more affordable $1,260. Looking for more info? Hit up the source to download PDF fact sheets.

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