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Final Fantasy XIV previewing player residences for patch 1.21

Eliot Lefebvre

Among all the cues that Final Fantasy XIV took from Final Fantasy XI, there was an obvious omission -- housing. Players have been forced to live without private rooms thus far in the game, but in patch 1.21, that's going to change. The first version of housing will be rolled out with the next major patch, with a small explanation having just recently been posted to the official site.

Following the patch, players can acquire a private residence after completing a quest handed out in the inn. These quests can be accepted any time after a player finishes the first installment of the storyline quest, making them rather easy to pick up. When logging out in a private room, players will acquire rest experience to hasten leveling, replacing the previous system of Guardian's Aspect. While it's a bare-bones implementation, it's a foundation to ensure that the game's major revamp coming in November will have something to build off of -- and there's more promised for the future.

[Thanks to Derrick for the tip!]

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