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How to dye a MacBook


For Easter this year (which is on April 8), here's a wonderful idea for making your old white MacBook match up with your Easter eggs. "The Brain" at BrainDeadlockLabs decided to do a dye job on his MacBook to give it a bright orange finish that's more at home with Halloween than Easter, and provides full instructions on his amazing mod.

The Brain's MacBook was dyed with Rit Fabric Dye, the same stuff hippies have trusted for more than a generation to produce clear, bright tie-dye clothing. He chose a bright orange finish for the outside of the computer, then used the keyboard and bezels from a "poor old liquid-spilled black MacBook" to make a hauntingly awesome orange and black MacBook.

The process is a bit involved, since you have to remove all of the electronics from the MacBook before dipping it into the dye. And, as The Brain warns, "if you dye half your stove, your hands, and permanently ruin your computer, it rests on you." You're also warned that "Rit dye is toxic, and is meant for clothes/fabrics/things that don't normally touch your mouth," so if you have a tendency to lick your MacBook, this could prove to be fatal.

It does look pretty cool, although commenters on the post believe that Krylon spray paint would work well and be a lot easier to apply.

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