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Blue Posts: Full-service community managers, future MoP info


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Zarhym is just taking over everything lately. Where is the floating skull going to end up next? Thanks to Mat McCurley for pointing out Zarhym's One Life to Live usurping.

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Blue posts

Zarhym -- Full service community manager

blizzard needs to stop makeing childish pictures on facebook about valentines day and get back to working on a release date...
i know the game is gonna be awsome and that hell and inferno is gonna kill me now let me die plz.. i want my d3 :*(

or gimmi a beta key :) that works 2 lol.. it can b blizzards valentines gift to all the pre-orderers :)

I'd give you a more eloquent response, but I need to get back to work cleaning the bathrooms and trimming the grass around our office.

Nethaera -- Future MoP info
First off, I wanted to acknowledge the time you've obviously putting your thoughts together in a constructive way. It's very appreciated.

Second off, I am not going to address each concern individually for you here because there is only so much I can say or remark on. I can say though that we've been keeping a close eye on the continued feedback we've been seeing, reading, and hearing from the community and we're not blind to concerns. As always though, we have to keep perspective in mind as to what people are actually doing in game versus what they are saying online (in a variety of venues) and try to balance it all out with what we feel makes the most sense for the longevity and health of the game.

We're holding back a little on Mists of Pandaria (new at least) information until the press event we're holding in March, but hopefully you'll like what you hear and see that there has been progress in trying to address some concerns we see and hear on a regular basis.

We also have some additional items we're preparing to put out to the public that explains a bit more about the thought processes that went into Cataclysm, what we think went well and liked, and what we think could have been done better as a set up prior to the press event. Hopefully it will shed a bit more light on things.

While we'd love to acknowledge every bit of good feedback we see, but it's just not practical. We do try to acknowledge what we can though when we can and have in the past.

That all said, as always, ongoing discussing and constructive feedback is always welcome and appreciated.

Nethaera -- Age in WoW
No. You're not old. The interesting thing about gaming these days is that many of us who are "older" grew up on video games from their inception. We often forget that. There is no "glass ceiling" by which you reach a magical number and then suddenly quit doing something you love. Like anything, if you start not loving the hobby you've chosen, you most likely will move on to something else whether it's video games, or collecting baseball cards, or anything else.

Gaming is also relatively "ageless" in nature. You don't have to be a particular body type or have any particular physiology to play beyond having the ability to understand the mechanics and rules of the game. Any other ability is completely independent of age or gender or anything else.

I'll be griping to my grand-kids someday that I need a better internet connection (or upgraded wetwire) I'm sure. I don't plan to stop.

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