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Dear Aunt TUAW: Should I buy AppleCare+?


Dear Aunt TUAW,

I was wondering how you felt about AppleCare+ vs Best Buy's extended warranty. My wife and I just bought 2 iPhone 4S's and would like to protect our investments. The Best Buy option would cost us US$15/mo. for each phone. That is $720 over the next two years. AppleCare+ is $99 for two years of coverage but has the $50 service fee. Can you do a pros and cons list of these two options? Thank you guys.

Your loving nephew,


Dear John,

AppleCare+ is easy to do -- just buy it when you purchase your iPhone 4S. And when things go bad, which they often do with devices that get used in your hands in real-world conditions (i.e. more often that you'd like, and "all the time" when you're looking at the population as a whole), it's more cost effective.

What's more, with AppleCare+, you're in the Apple system. You're going to deal with Apple Geniuses and Apple Retail, which Auntie assures you provides more happy outcomes than dealing with Best Buy. An Apple Store's environment of hands-on help is fantastic.

When it comes to "who do you trust," Auntie trusts Apple's service techs over those at Best Buy.


Auntie T.

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