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iBookstore adds screenshots, promo codes, and more for publishers


iTunes Connect has sent out a letter to content publishers detailing some changes and improvements to the iBookstore. Just like the App Store, the iBookstore now allows publishers to issue promo codes for content sold on the store -- up to 50 free codes distributable to book reviewers.

Publishers can also submit screenshots of the book, which will be particularly useful for multimedia content produced via iBooks Author. Just like screenshots for the App Store, Apple is very specific on what formats it will accept: 1024 x 768 or 768 x 1024 pictures in the RGB color space, formatted as .jpeg, .jpg, or .png.

The iBookstore has altered the way it handles pre-orders for content. Now publishers are able to make content available for pre-order without submitting a book cover or any other assets until up to two weeks prior to publication. Covers, book assets, and custom previews must be submitted two weeks prior to publication.

The addition of promo codes and screenshots brings iBookstore content more in line with the offerings on the App Store and will no doubt be extremely useful tools to publishers of all sizes, from the biggest publishing houses down to budding self-publishers.

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