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WoW Moviewatch: Celebrating Valentine's Day


This is the last of our Valentine's Day videos, since the big holiday was yesterday. I saved this one for last because it's a little odd. Essentially, Celebrating Valentine's Day is a decent video. I mean, it's not mind-blowingly amazing or anything, but the video had a good idea driving it and the animation is done pretty well.

The oddity is the voice acting. All the dialogue is performed by AT&T's Natural Voices. On one hand, that's weird and it sounds really creepy. It's totally distracting from the rest of the video. On the other hand, it's a novel use of the technology, and I could see this kind of automated voice making its way into machinima. But for now, mostly weird. The dialogue itself is just fine, but the robo-voice just makes me feel like someone's selling me something.

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