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BBC 3D London Olympics plans include one live sporting event, daily highlights


The Beeb has finally detailed its plans for 3D broadcasts during the London 2012 Olympic Games this summer, and unfortunately for fans of the technology, the content available for live viewing will be pretty limited. The BBC's site lists the Opening / Closing ceremonies and the men's 100m dash for its experimental coverage... and that's it. At the end of each day a "highlights package" will be available, but we're still not sure what other sports will be included yet. This approach harkens back to NBC's 24 hour tape delayed HD broadcasts of 2004, and according to director Roger Mosey, is mostly due to limited capacity. If the BBC is using one of its HD channels for the free-to-air 3D broadcast, then it takes away an HD channel for another event at the same time, so the ceremonies have the advantage of not blacking out any other coverage. In the US, it's possible things could be different if 3D broadcasts are made available on a dedicated events channel as Versus nee NBC SportsTalk has done before, but we'll wait to hear what NBC has planned and hope Usain Bolt doesn't false start again.

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