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Kickstarter-funded Double Fine Adventure game coming to Mac, iOS


Double Fine's CEO Tim Schafer, who made almost two million dollars last week through Kickstarter for his next game, has announced that thanks to all the extra donations (the project was originally budgeted at just US$400,000), Double Fine will be able to put all sorts of extra features and compatibility into the title. Most important for us, the game will be available on the Mac and iOS right away. Originally Mac support was listed but not confirmed. Now Schafer says that yes, Mac users will get a native version.

The game will also include voicework, and get translated into several languages. Buyers who've already picked up the game through Kickstarter will get access to a closed beta, a DRM-free version of the final product and codes for the title through Steam. Presumably, that Steam version will include the Mac port through SteamPlay. It's not clear how the iOS versions will be distributed.

At any rate, this is all great to hear. Double Fine got a tremendous show of support from fans and this is the first sign that the company is ready to get to work. The stil unnamed game is due out this fall, so look for it then.

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