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Mojang making a Humble Indie Bundle game live this weekend


People love buying unfinished Mojang games -- so how about a game that hasn't even started yet? That's the premise of the Humble Bundle Mojam, the new Humble Indie Bundle going up tomorrow at 10AM CET (which is 4AM EST!) You'll find it on when it's live.

Minecraft creator Mojang is planning on making a game live over the course of 60 hours --streamed live on the Humble Bundle site -- and everyone who donates will get the resulting game. So what's this game going to be? That's at the mercy of the fans. Mojang is letting people vote on the genre and theme, and both the highest and lowest-scored of each will become the game. So the team could be at work on a "Peter Molyneux Racing Game in a Fantasy World War II setting."

Incentives will also be offered for certain amounts. For example, in the video above, Notch promises to let Jakob Porser shave his beard for a million dollars. "With my fists," Porser added. There'll probably be some real ones too.

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