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Apple's Mountain Lion vs. a real mountain lion


Jeff Somogyi of dealmac has posted an amusing comparison between Apple's upcoming OS X Mountain Lion and a real mountain lion. It turns out the differences between them are not so subtle.

While Apple's Mountain Lion introduces Notification Center, a feature brought over from iOS that consolidates notifications in one organized pane, Somogyi correctly notes that "Mountain lions will not notify you before they pop-up and eat your face." I've never met a mountain lion face to face in the wild, but if they're anything like the utter bastard killing machines they were in Red Dead Redemption, Somogyi is absolutely right about that.

The whole chart is definitely worth a read and good for a laugh. Somogyi notes that the "low hanging fruit" would have been even riper for comedy if Apple had named the next version of OS X "Cougar" -- personally, I'm rather grateful Apple went with "Mountain Lion" instead.

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