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Foxconn raises Chinese worker wages


Foxconn has been back in the news lately for an investigation, commenced by Apple's request, into its worker practices. Perhaps influenced by those actions (though perhaps not), Foxconn has raised some of its pay levels by 16 to 25 percent. Depending on the worker and the results of some testing, junior level workers could pick up as much as 2200 yuan, which translates to about $350 US, a month. That's still only about $4200 a year, but it's more than the minimum wage in China, and most factory workers are also given room, board, and training by the company, so there are other expenses that are already taken care of.

This is the second time in as many years that Foxconn has raised wages like this: Back in 2010, the company raised its production line workers' wages as high as 30 percent. So in terms of monetary compensation, at least, things at the Foxconn plants are improving, if not actually good yet. It's unlikely that a wage raise like this will prevent ongoing protests against Apple and other companies that make use of this factory labor, but every bit of good news out of this situation is definitely excellent to hear.

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