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New DUST 514 dev blog has autocannons

Jef Reahard

DUST 514's tagline is "your next shot will topple empires," and if there's been a better marketing slogan for a sci-fi shooter, we'd like to hear it. CCP has just released a new dev blog for its EVE Online sidequel; appropriately, the piece is all about new and interesting tools for frakking up your factional enemies.

While a previous DUST blog entry introduced the heavy, medium, and light weapon classes, this one gets down and dirty with three variants designed for maximum destruction. First up is the Minmatar personal autocannon, followed by the Gallente plasma shotgun and the Caldari Nova knife. What about the Amarr? Sadly EVE's fourth player faction is nowhere to be found, but there's still plenty to read about on the official DUST 514 website.

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