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Rovio announces Angry Birds Space, coming March 22


Just when you thought they were finally done -- they're coming back again. Rovio has announced that it will be releasing Angry Birds Space, and unfortunately, all we know about it, per the strange teaser trailer below, is that it'll be out on March 22. Presumably, this is just another iteration on the Angry Birds formula, albeit one that will likely play with gravity and maybe a few other space-related mechanics as well.

There's also an official website for the just-announced title, but it's not any more informative than the trailer was. Given the enormous popularity of Angry Birds on iOS and other mobile platforms, it's not hard to predict that this will be yet another enormous hit for Rovio. Still, aren't we at all tired of the Angry Birds phenomenon yet? This will be the fourth spinoff for the game -- hopefully this one will show a little more innovation and growth than Angry Birds Rio, Seasons, or Magic.

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