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TERA reflects on lessons learned from first CBT weekend


It's been a week since the first TERA North American beta weekend, and European players are getting their first swing at the game as we speak. But before En Masse Entertainment opens the floodgates to NA players once more next weekend, the studio is taking the opportunity to recap the events of the first closed beta test. Overall, the studio seems quite pleased with the results of the test but notes that "the weekend was not without some hiccups." One such hiccup that beta players will certainly be well acquainted with is the chaos that ensued as dozens of players simultaneously tried to kill the quest mob Vekus, which led some players to actually form organized queues to ensure that everyone got a chance at him. But the studio assures us that we need not worry, as "the En Masse team learned a great deal from CBT1 and will put those lessons to good use as we ramp up for CBT2."

The studio also brings us a couple of interesting statistics from the first beta test. For instance, the most popular race-gender-class combination was the Castanic female Warrior (which we're sure has absolutely nothing to do with the Castanics' apparent aversion to modesty). And of course, beta participants will be very familiar with the basilisk BAMs in Oblivion Woods, which apparently accounted for almost two-thirds of all player deaths over the course of the weekend. Gotta watch out for those bodyslams, guys. They'll getcha.

Ultimately, the studio concludes that "this weekend was a big success both in terms of players getting hands-on time with TERA and for showing the team what they need to refine before the game's May 1 release."

To sign up for the game's future beta tests, just head on over to the game's official site, linked below.

[Source: En Masse Entertainment press release]

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