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'Us and the Game Industry' is the next documentary about indies


Whereas Indie Game: The Movie aimed to explore the lives of the people behind some of indie gaming's biggest titles, an upcoming documentary on the indie gaming scene entitled "Us and the Game Industry" seeks to capture already established success cases in that world. Cases like Jason Rohrer (Inside a Star-filled Sky, Sleep is Death) and Jenova Chen (Flower, Journey) both show up in the premiere trailer, seen above.

"'Us and the Game Industry' is a film about the new thinkers at the new frontier of experimental computer game development," the film's Vimeo page reads. "This film explores how their motivation, design process, focus and execution are creating unique and new possibilities of connecting people and providing the possibility for uncharted experiences outside the normal realm of commercial games."

So -- yes -- it's almost assured you'll hear several indie devs wax philosophical on the process of game design when the film eventually arrives (no launch date is given, and the film's official site has yet to go live). And frankly, after the emotion fest that is Indie Game: The Movie, we're looking forward to some cold, hard pretention.

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