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Breakfast Topic: What makes players pick their class?


This video of WoW-Crendor's really makes me smile. Not only does it show up some stereotypes about WoW classes, it also (for me anyway) hints at some reasons why certain players might pick certain classes. Actually, "hints at" might be a bit mild when he's talking about hunters!

Now, a big disclaimer: I'm definitely not saying that there is a typical player for each class. But there are stereotypes within WoW, so let's try to just have a light-hearted, entertaining think about those, and consider some reasons why people pick the class they do.

Of course, there are many practical considerations: maybe they need to roll a tank, or a healer, or DPS to fill an empty spot in a raid team, and one class is required. Maybe their friend told them that a certain class is great at a certain task this patch.

But I'm not thinking about that. For example, someone very dear to me says Paladins are played by control freaks -- seeing as I played only a paladin when we first started chatting I'm not sure how to take this! I guess he might -- possibly, maybe -- have a tiny point as far as paladin tanks go. With their healing and bubbles and such they can control a situation to an extent, perhaps more than other classes. My pally's a tank. Hmmm.

And are warlocks the chosen class of dark, mysterious types? Are priests the class for nurturing, kind, gentle people who just occasionally snap and become diabolical sorcerers? Are hunters distant, standoffish types?

What do you think? And if you're a priest looking for the perfect class match for you, you know, romantically, WoW-Insider are, as always, here to help!

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