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Rampant Speculation Theater presents: Microsoft files for 'Avatar Famestar' trademark

Jordan Mallory

Last monday, Microsoft submitted a trademark filing for "Avatar Famestar" to the US Patent and Trademark Office. The application classifies the trademark for "downloadable software for video game services" and "providing an online portal for video game services and social networking," which leads us to believe it has something to do with video games.

What that something might be is anyone's guess, but you came here for our guesses, which are as follows:
  • Avatar Famestar will be a tri-platform XBLA/Windows Phone/Facebook photo-editing suite akin to Hipstamatic and Instagram, in which the user will be able to add her Xbox Live avatar into any picture uploaded into the service. Animated sparkling overlays and faux-Polaroid frames serve as monetized microtransactional DLC.
  • "Take control of your Xbox Live avatar as they audition for simulated singing and dancing reality shows, embarking on the musical journey of a lifetime in this Better With Kinect™ experience! Upload your audition tapes to Friendster and LiveJournal and let your friends hear the snarky British commentary delivered by Avatar Famestar's virtual judges! It's just like losing your dignity on national television, only without the brief candle of fame flickering in the distance! Pre-order today!"

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