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Must See HDTV (February 20th - 26th)


We may be living in the post-football era, but between Jeremy Lin, hockey and the Daytona 500 there's plenty for sports fans to chew on this weekend. Of course that's not all there is and there will likely be even more drama at the Academy Awards. Look below for the highlights this week, followed after the break by our weekly listing of what to look out for in TV, Blu-ray and videogames.

We've completely lost count of the alternate universes and timelines at play in Fox's show at this point, but for sci-fi on network TV there aren't a lot of other options. The winter finale is this week and we're pretty sure Walter will say something funny, Pacey/Peter will figure something out at the last second and odds are 50/50 one of the Olivias will shoot someone.
(February 24th, Fox, 9PM)

NBA All-Star Weekend / Linsanity
The Jeremy Lin movement enters its third week and shows little sign of slowing down. Sure the New york Knicks point guard finally lost a game, but he put up some monster stats against the defending NBA champs over the weekend, and has already seen his name penciled in to Friday night's Rising Stars game as a result. It's a toss up over which game is more anticipated, that one or the main ASG Sunday -- or is it the Lin vs. LeBron showdown Thursday night?
(All Weekend, TNT)

Academy Awards
The 84th Annual Academy Awards take place Sunday night and we're figuring this will takes its place on the list of Twitter/TV events, so either work on your @Tront style jokes or just plan to do something else for a few hours. We'll be watching to see who walks away with the Best Picture statue.
(February 26th, ABC, 8:30PM)

Blu-ray & Games
  • Tower Heist
  • J Edgar
  • Weeds: Season Seven
  • Puss In Boots (3D)
  • Unforgiven (20th Anniversary Edition)
  • The Fades Season One
  • Nurse Jackie Season Three
  • Asura's Wrath (PS3, Xbox 360)
  • Syndicate (Xbox 360, PS3)


  • Million Dollar Collections (special presentation), Velocity, 8 & 8:30PM
  • Celtics/Mavericks, TNT, 8PM
  • Capitals/Hurricanes, NBC Sports, 8PM
  • How I Met Your Mother, CBS, 8PM
  • House, Fox, 8PM
  • The Voice, NBC, 8PM
  • Gossip Girl, CW, 8PM
  • The Bachelor, ABC, 8PM
  • Pretty Little Liars, ABC Family, 8PM
  • 2 Broke Girls, CBS, 8:30PM
  • Alcatraz, Fox, 9PM
  • Two and a Half Men, CBS, 9PM
  • Being Human, Syfy, 9PM
  • WWE Raw, USA, 9PM
  • Hart of Dixie, CW, 9PM
  • The Lying Game, ABC Family, 9PM
  • American Chopper: Senior vs. Junior, Discovery, 9PM
  • Mike & Molly, CBS, 9:30PM
  • Castle, ABC, 10PM
  • Smash, NBC, 10PM
  • Hawaii Five-0, CBS, 10PM
  • Lost Girl, Syfy, 10PM
  • Trail Blazers/Lakers, TNT, 10:30PM


  • Heat/Pacers, NBA TV, 7PM
  • Red Wings/Blackhawks, NBC Sports Network, 8PM
  • Glee (winter finale), Fox, 8PM
  • Switched at Birth, ABC Family, 8PM
  • NCIS, CBS, 8PM
  • Last Man Standing, ABC, 8PM
  • Cougar Town, ABC, 8:30PM
  • New Girl, Fox, 9PM
  • Top Gear, History, 9PM
  • The River, ABC, 9PM
  • Jane By Design, ABC Family, 9PM
  • Ringer, CW, 9PM
  • Dirty Jobs, Discovery, 9PM
  • Doomsday Preppers, National Geographic, 9PM
  • Raising Hope, Fox, 9:30PM
  • Justified, FX, 10PM
  • Parenthood, NBC, 10PM
  • Unforgettable, CBS, 10PM
  • Top Shot, History, 10PM
  • Southland, TNT, 10PM
  • White Collar, USA, 10PM
  • Ink Master, Spike, 10PM
  • Body of Proof, ABC, 10PM
  • Tosh.0, Comedy Central, 10PM
  • Key & Peele, Comedy Central, 10:30PM


  • Royal Pains (season finale), USA, 10PM
  • Celtics/Thunder, ESPN, 7PM
  • Survivor, CBS, 8PM
  • The Middle, ABC, 8PM
  • American Idol, Fox, 8PM
  • One Tree Hill, CW, 8PM
  • Whitney, NBC, 8PM
  • Suburgatory, ABC, 8:30PM
  • Are You There, Chelsea?, NBC, 8:30PM
  • Modern Family, ABC, 9PM
  • Criminal Minds, CBS, 9PM
  • Remodeled, CW, 9PM
  • Rock Center with Brian Williams, NBC, 9PM
  • Happy Endings, ABC, 9:30PM
  • CSI, CBS, 10PM
  • Law & Order: SVU, NBC, 10PM
  • The Slap, DirecTV, 10PM
  • Face Off, Syfy, 10PM
  • Lakers/Mavericks, ESPN, 10PM


  • Knicks/Heat, TNT, 8PM
  • Lakers/Thunder, TNT, 10:30PM
  • Lifeguard (series premiere), The Weather Channel, 9PM
  • Phunny Business: A Black Comedy (special presentation), Showtime, 8:30PM
  • American Idol, Fox, 8PM
  • 30 Rock, NBC, 8PM
  • The Big Bang Theory, CBS, 8PM
  • Wipeout (winter finale), ABC, 8PM
  • Parks & Recreation, NBC, 8:30PM
  • Rob, CBS, 8:30PM
  • The Finder, Fox, 9PM
  • The Office, NBC, 9PM
  • Person of Interest, CBS, 9PM
  • Grey's Anatomy, ABC, 9PM
  • Impact Wrestling, Spike TV, 9PM
  • NY Ink, TLC, 9PM
  • Up All Night, NBC, 9:30PM
  • Archer, FX, 10PM
  • The Mentalist, CBS, 10PM
  • Private Practice, ABC, 10PM
  • Unsupervised, FX, 10:30PM
  • I Just Want My Pants Back, MTV, 11PM
  • Inside Comedy, Showtime, 11PM
  • MMA Junkie Live! (series premiere), Spike TV, 11PM
  • Delocated, Comedy Central, 11:59PM


  • NBA All-Star Weekend Rising Stars Challenge, TNT, 9PM
  • Fringe (winter finale), Fox, 9PM
  • Car Warriors (season premiere), Speed, 10PM
  • Undercover Boss, CBS, 8PM
  • Shark Tank, ABC, 8PM
  • Star Wars: The Clone Wars, Cartoon Network, 8PM
  • Who Do You Think You Are?, NBC, 8PM
  • A Gifted Man, CBS, 9PM
  • Merlin, Syfy, 10PM
  • Blue Bloods, CBS, 10PM
  • Portlandia, IFC, 10PM
  • Spartacus: Vengeance, Starz, 10PM
  • The Increasingly Poor Decisions of Todd Margaret, IFC, 10:30PM


  • NBA All-Star Saturday Night, TNT, 8:30PM
  • Black Forest (special presentation), Syfy, 7PM
  • Gretl: Witch Hunter (special presentation), Syfy, 9PM
  • Cops (winter finale), Fox, 8:30PM
  • The Firm, NBC, 9PM
  • Being Human (season premiere), BBCA, 9PM


  • Daytona 500, Fox, 12PM
  • Devils/Canadiens, NBC Sports Network, 6PM
  • NBA All-Star Game, TNT, 7:30PM
  • 84th Annual Academy Awards, ABC, 8:30PM
  • Goose (special presentation), ESPN, 9:30PM
  • Eastbound & Down, HBO, 10PM
  • The Amazing Race, CBS, 8PM
  • The Apprentice, NBC, 9PM
  • The Shadow Line, DirecTV, 9PM
  • 60 Minutes, CBS, 7PM
  • Luck, HBO, 9PM
  • Inside West Coast Customs, Velocity, 9PM
  • The Walking Dead, AMC, 9PM
  • Comic Book Men, AMC, 10PM
  • Full Metal Jousting, History, 10PM

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