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'Reign of Thunder' is F2P mech shooter from MechAssault dev


After a lengthy drought of mech games, it suddenly feels like armored mechanical behemoths are back en vogue, with Day 1 Studios adding Reign of Thunder to the roster. The game is a fast-paced, third-person free-to-play mech combat game. It will feature a new mech IP by the team that created MechAssault.

"It feels great to return to the Mech genre and community we've played games with and made games with, for almost two decades. Combining the customization and RPG elements of the early MechWarrior PC and board games with the fast paced arcade action of the MechAssault series and making it all Free-to-Play is an exciting opportunity to be part of," said Day 1 Creative Director and Executive Producer TJ Wagner. "I'm dying to get Thunder in the hands of new and old Mech pilots alike and battle it out. The best part is that time is very, very near."

Reign of Thunder will launch into the mech arena as MechWarrior Online and MechWarrior Tactics, two titles officially set in the BattleTech Universe, plan to bring back the glory of mega mech combat this year.

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