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WoW Moviewatch: Stupid Hair


Happy Monday, everyone! For a special treat today, we have some brand new Greyfoo! How can you not be excited? Greyfoo conceptualized Stupid Hair back in December 2011. While he's been working on the idea for months, general distractions and a busted hand kept him from releasing the video until now.

The video comes in two parts. The first half is a subtle cautionary tale about going up against Deathwing. While you might think a coterie of Azeroth's strongest heroes would be immune to stupid traps, Thrall discovers to his horror that his raid members embrace amazing gullibility.

The last half is Greyfoo's trademark funky beats and smooth singing. Greyfoo has crafted an amazing homage to the silly haircuts you can get in game. Remember, stupid hair is just a barber shop visit away.

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