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5 Apps for Mardi Gras


With Lent peeking around the corner, there's still time to get down, celebrate, and indulge before fasting, abstinence, and penitence. In that spirit, here are a bunch of last minute apps to help you seize the day...and the pancakes.

If you're lucky enough to be around New Orleans, follow your favorite Mardi Gras parades with the WWL-TV Experience Mardi Gras app (Free). This handy mobile app offers schedules, routes, events and more for the Mardi Gras partier. It uses integrated GPS coordinates to let you know what's happening right around you.

Can't get down to New Orleans? You can try out a virtual Mardi Gras! ($0.99) experience instead. This game allows you to "hop on your float, wear a purple crown, and be the King of Mardi Gras!!" The goal is to "keep the crowd happy" by throwing cheap trinkets at them. The game is rated 4+, so TUAW rather suspects that the traditional method of asking for trinkets will not be shown in-app.

Brush up your Hip Hop skills with Dance Video: Hip Hop Dancing ($2.99). On sale this week for 50% off its normal price, this app helps teach the basic hip hop steps, "wave", "crip step", and "old skool" moves like the "running man". Of course, TUAW staffers admonish you not to try dancing with a gut full of pancakes.

Looking for a few last minute recipes? You might want to check out Gourmet Live (Free). This lifestyle apps includes new and classic recipes, interviews with celebrity chefs, and more. It may be your best chance to indulge in high-caloric yumminess for a while.

Finally, in the sincere spirit of Shrove Tuesday, we bring you Pancakes (Free). We were totally won over by the beautiful app description: "Pancake is a game of how you can cook delicious pancakes. We cook a lot of delicious pancakes. How to Play: Within the time limit, or compete for a delicious pancake how many burn." We think you'll like the app description too.

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