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Mass Effect 3 DLC 'From Ashes' drifts down to Xbox Marketplace


BioWare has let slip a batch of Mass Effect 3 DLC on the Xbox Marketplace, titled From Ashes. This is presumably the same DLC as the rumored "From Dust" installment, which at least one GameStop customer may now need to get a refund for. Dust and ashes are two very different things, after all, but we bet any name switching came to avoid possible confusion with 2011's From Dust (if it wasn't a GameStop typo to begin with).

From Ashes will cost 800 Microsoft Points ($10). Mass Effect 2 included the squad member Zaeed as free DLC in new copies, and From Ashes could very well be a new iteration of this format.

For a brief description of the DLC (now with 100 percent more spoilers!) read on:

"Unearth lost secrets from the past and recruit the Prothean squad member," a description on Xbox Marketplace read. The page has since been removed.

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