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Blue Posts: API questions, Rotface and Festergut


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I heard the floating skull was a little scary for some people. So here are some sheep. They shouldn't be that bad. It's not like the all explode or anything crazy...

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Blue posts

Straton -- Historical AH Data?
We don't have any plans on providing storage or access to historical AH data. If this is important to you, I suggest you take the route of downloading updates and uploading them to S3 (or the like) for processing and archival.

Straton -- Making AH purchases from WoW API?

Zonous, that doesn't help people that would like to make WoW AH purchases from third-party applications or websites.

We have no plans or intention of allowing this.

Crithrto -- Favorite boss in WoW
I will have to go with two--albeit inseparable--bad guys, Rotface and Festergut. I can't count how many times I've run through Icecrown Citadel but those two never cease to make me laugh uncontrollably.

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