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Twitter app, Cut the Rope, SpellTower, SpellCraft School of Magic all updated


We don't usually cover every single update that arrives on the App Store, simply because there are so many apps out there and so many developers working hard all the time. But a number of very popular apps have updated recently, so here's a few big apps with lots of new content to see.

The official Twitter app has been updated, specifically the iPhone version. The update allows you to use swipes to gesture around the app, copy and paste the links and text in actual tweets, and many other performance improvements and polishes. It's not a huge update, but it's worth downloading when it shows up in your iTunes or App Store update screen (though let me tell you, if you haven't experienced Tweetbot yet, you're missing out on a great alternative to the official app).

Cut the Rope Experiments has gotten its Bath Time update, with 25 new levels, a new playable character, new achievements, and a new leaderboard to play with. It's a solid and highly anticipated update.

Zach Gage's great SpellTower word game is getting a big update, which will include both a new multiplayer option and a few other game modes. Multiplayer will work across different iOS devices, too, so you can play with an iPad against players on iPhone, or vice versa.

SpellCraft: School of Magic is getting updated to version 1.1 later this week (never mind -- it's out right now). It's a big update for the freemium title that adds lots of new customization options and spells, a healing spell that players can actually grow and craft (so they don't need to use or buy potions all the time), and a new plant that translates directly into gold. There are also some performance improvements and bug fixes included as well.

That's four great apps made even better by their developers. If you've purchased them in the past, download away.

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