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Eden Eternal calls forth the Ranger


The wet-behind-the-ears Eden Eternal is already hard at work beefing up its content, up to and including a brand-new class. Aeria Games just released a huge update for the game, and it's hard to say where players should start first.

Perhaps they should check out the new Ranger class, which excels at ranged damage with a bow, artillery gun, or eagle (don't scoff -- a face-full of eagle will ruin anyone's day). If Rangers aren't your bag, then there's an increased level cap to 65, PvP improvements such as a 3v3 matchmaking system, and new high-level areas and dungeons to explore.

Eden Eternal just added the Samurai class to the game last month. You can get a peek at all of this update goodness in the gallery and video below!

[Source: Aeria Games press release]

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