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EA's next basketball sim is NBA Live 13


Back in 2010, EA released a demo for an upcoming reboot of its basketball sim series, NBA Live. It was called NBA Elite 11 and the demo was, well, pretty bad -- bad enough that EA decided to cancel the game outright.

Since then, we've been bugging EA about when it's going to offer another basketball title -- heck, we didn't even know if EA would get back into the basketball game-making game, period. And with the NBA 2K series dominating, it's an even steeper uphill battle for EA. But this fall, EA is bringing its basketball series back.

The EA Sports Twitter account revealed today the series would return as NBA Live 13. EA says it had Cavaliers beat writer Joe Gabriele and Cavaliers point guard Kyrie Irving out to the studio to check out NBA Live 13, but neither could offer more info. We'll have to wait for EA's announcement for more.

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