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Fallen Earth entices Marketplace shoppers with first-time purchase package


Studies have shown that if players make the big step to buying something -- anything -- in an online game's cash shop, then they're much more likely to do it again. Ergo, studios are coming up with all sorts of methods to sweeten that first deal, such as GamersFirst's new Fallen Earth "first time purchaser package."

The package is a bundle of 13 items, unlocks, and abilities that will be sent to the character of your choice once you make your first purchase in the Fallen Earth Marketplace. It's a very tempting deal, especially for free players, as it increases character slots to four, adds access to global chat, removes the chip limit, unlocks the core wardrobe slot, and tosses in a couple of mobile garage/stable managers for those too lazy to walk back to civilization after an accident.

It's not clear whether this package applies to players who have made a purchase in the Marketplace before today.

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