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Indie Royale's current bundle is complete in alpha edition


Indie Royale's current bundle is an amalgamation of a few popular ideas, including the online fundraiser and, well, the bundle, which has become a beast all of its own. This may sound like a contradiction -- underground developers borrowing mainstream methods -- but in fact it somehow makes this bundle even more indie.

The Alpha Collection, offered now through the next week, features three games in alpha mode, and "buying" the bundle is a way of "funding" their continued development while getting access to their current builds. Similar to backing a Kickstarter project, The Alpha Collection has people invest in the potential of the following three games: Towns, 3079 and Wyv and Keep.

The low price for the Alpha Collection is hovering slightly above $5, the recommended price is $10 and the "Show Support" price is listed at $20, but of course you can pay any amount above the low price if you believe the future of these games is worth it. As with all Indie Royale bundles, the more you pay, the less the people after you will pay. It's like 360-degree charity.

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