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Dear Aunt TUAW: Will the iPad 3 double its memory options?


Dear Aunt TUAW,

Has there been any information on the likely storage capacity of the "iPad 3?" Is it likely to keep the 16/32/64 paradigm, or might we see a doubling at current prices of $499/$599/$699?

Your loving nephew,


Dear Dave,

Auntie rather doubts that the storage options are going to change this time, especially if we continue seeing the current price points for retail. The iSuppli iPad 2 teardown indicates that there's flexibility in costing for storage expansion, but Auntie isn't counting on it. That's because she feels that other component enhancements will put pressure on keeping current prices.

Instead, Auntie is looking forward to better onboard technology such as an improved chip and display. There isn't much broken in the current iPad 2 -- it's an absolutely brilliant device -- and the iPad 3 will likely offer much the same in terms of geometry, storage, and price. If anything, Auntie is hoping for slightly better cameras and speakers. The current camera is so grainy -- Apple doesn't really need to go for more pixels, just slightly better sensing.

The cumulative effect of the anticipated component upgrades, especially the CPU and screen, represents a big jump in cost -- enough so that Apple may find it hard to stay at the current price points even leaving aside storage differentials. That's why she's betting that the storage won't change.

Of course, Auntie is happy to be proven wrong and hopefully we'll know the answer in a month or two.


Auntie T.

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